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Viewer Experience


Content on twitch is diverse and constantly expanding. The content card is the primary method by which viewers decide whether or not to join a channel. However, apart from the view count, signals like the avatar, thumbnail, title, and category can offer little useful information. By adding tags, we help creators and viewers find each other by providing a common vocabulary.

The category page gains a module for tags/facets along with visual/editorial affordances for branding, better grouping and a better landing experience overall.

For tags to succeed, we need a shared, global vocabulary of terms. Leaving it up to the community resulted in terms that were too generic, or misnomers, or difficult for newcomers to understand. For

Also, for tags to succeed, we needed them to be ubiquitous, spanning the entire product, wherever content was surfaced. It had to elegantly integrate into an already delicate ecosystem of visual priority, be easily parseable and functionally dialed in. Shown here is the creator dashboard module for adding tags to a stream.

Variations on browsing and grouping tags, interaction notes.

Styling notes, interaction states, and affordances for potential future features, like special types of tags.