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Mobile Creator Tools


Various contributions to our ever-evolving suite of mobile creator tools.

Mobile broadcasting. Twitch started as a gaming centric platform but has long since evolved to be home to many different types of content. The idea of “in real life” or “IRL” was an instant hit on twitch and the newest generation of reality stars were born. No script, no producers, no editing, pure reality.

To help these creators, we designed and built a mobile broadcasting tool aimed at casual mobile streamers. Just like with desktop streaming, most top creators have custom (and often expensive) setups. This was for everyone else.

Mobile dashboard. Virtually all streamers use a second screen to monitor chat and stats while they stream. We wanted to provide a mobile tool that did just that for the second screen everyone already has.

Tablet version of the mobile dashboard.

Mobile subscriptions. They are an expression of support and appreciation and keep the lights on for everyone. This solution touted subscription benefits, gracefully routed users through the payment flow and rewarded them with some surprise and delight upon completion.