Mobile Product Designer

UI/UX - Visual/Brand - Frontend Dev
Core Design Team at Twitch


Recent Work

Mobile App Redesign

With the combined efforts of the Twitch mobile team, I helped deliver a major redesign of our already highly successful mobile product. This required a major information architecture overhaul, explorations around fundamental wayfinding, and collaboration with a broad range of specialists. I contributed to mobile broadcasting, onboarding, settings, navigation, design patterns, nested chat comments and more features.

Animated onboarding experience and tablet browsing optimizations. Settings, setup and feature education.

The iOS and Android Twitch apps have tens of millions of users and a consistent 4.6 app store rating. Mobile development at Twitch is truly agile, and empowers the team to listen and act upon user needs. This redesign has paved the framework for upcoming features that will propel Twitch’s already incredible velocity.

Mobile Streaming

Twitch’s very own mobile streaming tool, akin to Periscope or Facebook Live. Our tool matches our competitors core features and leverages Twitch’s rich chat experience. Was involved with ideation, competitive research, UXR testing, dogfooding, wireframing, prototyping. User feedback has been highly positive and we’re barely getting started, feature-wise.

As we collect feedback and iterate, we hope to empower content creators to tell richer stories with less work, and to learn from their own audiences.

Channel Subscriptions

Designed a system for subscribing to channels and managing those subscriptions. Had to design around constraints (3rd party payment gateway) but still create a great, delightful experience. Mobile subscriptions account for 12% of channel revenue.


Designed from ideation to wireframing to prototyping for web, mobile, and kiosk. Ambitious design for an aspirational company. Patient solutions for tracking, purchasing, and learning. Physician and technician side solutions for managing patients and orders. Multi-platform user experiences, involving scanning and labels at certain points. Brainstorming for the future of health tracking and wellness.

I architected, coded, and heavily contributed to our design pattern library. The production team was large and partially distributed. Having a central source of truth keep the team on the same page. Detailed rationale gave people confidence in their decisions and prevented old arguments from taking up resources.

Four Seasons

Phone and tablet UX documentation, wireframing and prototyping for the Four Seasons, a leading luxury hotel chain. Delivered with detailed annotations for external development.

Discovery and onboarding in one. Full bleed photographs show off different locations with the search queue changing to match. Depending on user intention, the user can browse locations with a visual map or using the search tool.

Page hierarchy and scalability as shown through a discover and shop experience. Login and side menu explorations.